PHOTO JOURNEYS: Auburn Love from New England

An inspiration from Regent’s Park, London

The inspiration for this post arose a few days ago when I couldn’t help but notice that autumn has graced London. The wet and drip of this British weather though has very much downplayed the beauty of its autumn leaves.

Therefore, this week ,Photo Journeys begin not with England, but New England – the beloved Northeastern region of the States to which I’m so attached. I was thrilled 2 hours ago when I found out that my alma-mater – Mount Holyoke College, topped the rank for the best campus to be on during autumn.

Call me biased, but our campus is undoubtedly one of the most splendid in the States (proven by Princeton Review, mind you). The first women’s college in the country, MtHolyoke is smack-dabbed in the middle of a small town called South Hadley (I lovingly/hatefully call “Shadley” for its cold, long winters) in Western Massachusetts.

And yet, you cannot speak of New England in general and our school in particular, without mentioning the gorgeous autumns – what I miss most from my 4 years there. The crisp air, auburn shades, reflections upon silent waters, and the infinite serenity that engulfs you on a stroll around the many lakes and back routes of the campus. Most of the photos here, which I took back in 2008, are of the back routes out and about MHC, I figure the more iconic ones with the buildings are readily available online. Without further ado, here is the Photo Journey series revisiting Mount Holyoke in Fall Shades! Enjoy ❤

Part of the Upper Lake, on a back route that creates a little forest semi-encircling the campus
Mohos (as the colloquial term goes for students) are known for having one of the biggest equestrian facilities in the country, the route that meanders along Upper Lake, through the woods, will lead you to meet the lovely horses on campus
Lower Lake is the more apparent of lakes on campus, sitting right across from the campus center, it shines the most in autumn
This white goose owns the Lower Lake, literally. He has been named everything you could think of, Alberta, Danny, Roberto, Alejandro ….my friends and I call him Ronaldo. Don’t let his elegant stride across the water fool you, the clamorous horn-beaked beast is unleashed once onto the bank, especially if you have food in hand, or if you go near any one of his ‘bitches’ – the familiar black and beige Canadian geese.
This is a little outside of Mount Holyoke, up on a mountain overlooking the Connecticut River, this is what New England autumns are all about!
And here’s me, 4 years ago! 🙂

HanoianSnippets introduces 3 new Feature Categories!

Hanoian Snippets introduces 3 new Feature Categories

Hello lovely readers of Hanoian Snippets!

One of the perks of having an external harddrive, other than it being the box to store your entire life, is that you will one day plug it in, and just sit hours lost in your own memories, photos of what seem ages ago and moments that you deep down inside wish you can somehow revisit. Anyhoo, I opened mine today, it’s a 2T one so let’s just say it does have at least a good 15 years of my life in there, pictures, videos, documents.

And sooo! As a way to revamp my blog, revisit my journeys, and revitalize myself (and get good grades for my blog component in school (haha!) and hopefully entertain you, while I’m at it), I’m introducing 3 dedicated new Feature Categories. Apart from my posts of current happenings here in the London/UK life,  I will strive to have a post a week:

1. CULINARY SNIPPETS: Delectable, scrumptious, beautiful and at times wacky culinary delights which I have encountered, nose-pressed-on-windows to stare at, devoured mercilessly, or even…gotten sick on and captured!

2. ON THE ROAD: The excitement, the culture shock, the unforgettable people, the trials and tribunes, the woes – the JOURNEYS!

3. PHOTO JOURNEY: Snapshots, moments, flickers! One or a series in photo-essay style – Telling the story with a lens, and less words perhaps 🙂

I hope these categories will paint new shades onto my blog and I thank you for your continued support and feedback!

Much love,

Hanoian Snippets!