[Travel] A break from the valley

Talk about being cyber spaced out, despite my constant complaint about me not updating myself often enough in the last blog posts, I persist in my own laziness to witness myself delve only deeper into “blog-isolation”.  And so, to say that I was purely busy would only capture a glimpse of the whole picture which entails strokes of laziness, emotional instability, and overall uncertainty about these coming months and perhaps the fate of the rest of my life.

When I really think about it though, there shouldn’t be any reason for me to subject myself to such drama, and envisioning the day when I finish school alone suffices to make joy-wings flutter. The plan for the next two months includes enjoyment and relaxation of the last college courses ever, and spending more of the supposed quality time with friends near and far. Sounds kinda BS-sy, I know, but better to have some direction, than just being stuck in the turmoil that is my current life.

In two days, I embark on a 7-hour bus ride, crossing the continental divide line of North America, foraging against the direction of increase in temperature, to ironically a colder, snow-covered place – Quebec, Canada. I’m going with Alice and Catherine, but we don’t foresee french as being of any help, seeing that Quebecois sounds just like any other foreign language to me. The plan is to spend around 4 days in Montreal and then 2 days in Quebec City. I have no doubt that I will be freezing my bottom off there, and many have questioned my counter-intuitive decision to embark on the Northern hemisphere during a supposedly sunshine-filled Spring Break. Nevertheless, ever since coming back from the Euro-intensive-travel phase, the idea of going somewhere new became one of more noticeable priorities on my agenda for life (dramatic, yes I know) and yet with meager resources, Montreal seemed like the next best viable option. The fact of the matter is also, no matter where I do end up going, it would have been far far away from this valley, and that alone is enough as something to look forward to. No animosity towards the school whatsoever, yet lack of a real cosmopolitan vibe can only last so long.

As a preparation, I’ve been watching some Quebecois videos on YouTube, and have been finding myself stupefied by the incomprehensibility of everything. I can barely pick up a word out of every 5, Catherine told me that it wasn’t just me though, and even French natives have trouble making out what is also supposedly french. Perhaps, they also speak faster in those videos? and so I try to encourage myself, reasoning for the fact that hopefully, this trip will make everything all the better.

Will update on the trip as soon as I get back, no more of being cyberspaced out, I promise. Have a great Spring Break! I miss youZz, yous and YOU. Love!

Photo disclaimer: It has nothing to do with what I’m writing about, we are going to stay near Gay Village in Montreal, though. Oh for the love of randomness!