Photo courtesy of a postcard!
Photo courtesy of a postcard!

Dear lovely readers of Hanoian Snippets!

I apologize for being MIA in the past weeks, as the semester was drawing to a close with much to finish and nil time for any blogospherical (?) inspiration. Updates from London are to follow, BUT….!!!!

I write to you in uber to-the-point-of-sleep-loss excitement of my winter trip to SPAIN….in over 3 hrs!!!! It won’t be Andalusia this time around , but I will be heading to new terrains  – discover Madrid, Toledo and many a stops in Central Spain…all the while, gratefully spending the holiday season with my Spanish friend, Elisa and her family.

I will be sure to document my travels. For now, wherever you may be, stay warm, on the outside, and more importantly, in the heart <3!

Wish me luck!

Much love,

Hanoian Snippets


8 thoughts on “¡¡¡VAMONOS A ESPAÑA!!!

  1. you seem to be a good traveller :D. You like photos, love travelling, have an excellent writing skill (hmhm, i mean in English, not sure about Vietnamese, lol)…etc. In summary, you were born to be a reporter, right? 😀
    Have a good time + work in London :).
    P/S: Go as far as you can see when you get there, you’ll be able to see farther.

  2. all distances are meaningless
    when i lip your sweety words

    in the ringerbell
    everyone’s cheerful at the party
    christmas in warmth,
    full roses, full candy
    christmas in warmth,
    full laugh, full belief

    in the midnight,
    i’m stay alone with my guitar
    miss full in my mind
    but smile inside when i thinhk about you
    christmas in warmth,
    no wine, no candle
    christmas in warmth,
    no pain, no desire…

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