[UK] 4th week in London – Of Blogging and British Weather

A spin of my earlier blogs on this site and you will have learned a bit or so about the nature of my blogging habits – frequently sporadic (total irony, that pairing of words) and full of rants. With each new adventure, each turning around life’s little corners, I promised myself that I would record it to justice, somehow stretch the excitement and memories of those experiences well beyond the boundaries of my own mind. And of course, life got in the way or more so my laziness, and vulnerability to useless distractions.

Would London be any different? It does certainly promise higher prospects considering I’m being monitored by my course on personal blog updates. And yes, I haven’t blogged for 9 days, I promise I’ll make up for it. But beyond the mandatory nature of it all, I simply hope to live up to my desire of capturing this one year, as often as possible. That said, being in a journalism course renders you more aware of what you’re writing and you can’t help but think that everything you’re professing, click-clacking away on the keyboard is being more scrutinized. And so, the already procrastination-ridden me, adding the increased self-consciousness levels do not make it exactly as easy and carefree to “Publish Post” as it had been before. It’s all part of the learning process and a challenge that I gladly welcome and accept.

I also blame it all on the weather – the “bloody” capricious state of the British weather- yes it’s the scapegoat for my laziness ^^ and my helpless need to mutter “I’m exhausted” every 20′ either in my head or out loud . But honestly, make up your mind already, will ya? You were practically radiating sunshine, warmth and glory just now, and a breeze and two minutes later, you turn into this little monster, spewing out   cold gushes of wind and depressing rain, casting this eery, shadow of gloominess on us all.

You could tell that at least on one occasion, I’ve sprinted out in a t-shirt and jeans, fully ready to embrace a sun-filled day, only to come home at the end of the day, trembling, with enough water in my shoes to house 2 goldfish.No news in that, another rant about British weather, I know. Only 50 people had convinced me before I even left Vietnam that I should expect all of this and yet, there I was, still naive enough to reckon against the engrained spirit of the British weather.

It’s exciting nevertheless, this struggle to prepare for 4 seasons each and every morning, as I stick my hand out the window, trying to more and less predict the unpredictable. I’ve so far overdressed the past two days and found myself akin to being smothered out of breath in a bear suit sitting on the tube with my down feather, puffy jacket. The umbrella has become a regular resident of my bag, as has the scarf. All of my shoes have failed on me, in my amazing ability to step into every puddle I past by *_*.  So, my next quest will be purchasing a good pair of wellingtons or wellies – rain boots, if you will. And yes, a total face-palmer this one, but I will actually follow up on weather forecasts *Duh!*

4th week running! No part-time job yet , have yet to but will get to writing about car boot and Cambridge visit. Gotta get through with the initial big assignments first this week. Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “[UK] 4th week in London – Of Blogging and British Weather

  1. Thư gửi Amaryllis
    ( Không Ai Cả )

    Hãy gửi cho anh
    Một chút sắc lá
    Phong thu màu đỏ
    Hãy gửi cho anh
    Một chút mây hồng
    Ấm áp của vầng đông.

    Và hãy gửi cho anh,
    Cả những ngày mưa gió
    Thành phố chìm trong mây buồn, lá đổ
    Những chiếc ô chỉ còn là vệt màu loang lổ
    Màu đã nhòe theo những hạt mưa rơi
    Dưới trời mưa có em tôi đứng đợi
    Trông chuyến xe trở về sao lâu tới
    Đôi giày đã ngấm đầy nước, còn mái tóc thì ướt nhẹp,
    Nhưng em vẫn rất đẹp, Amaryllis ơi!
    Bởi em là bông hoa loa kèn màu đỏ
    Vẫn tươi thắm dù không có nắng mặt trời.

    Anh tin con đường phía trước
    Nắng sẽ vàng trên mỗi bước em đi.

    Anh sẽ đem mây
    Kết thành thuyền nhỏ
    Chở tình theo gió
    Anh sẽ đem lá
    Sắc thành màu đỏ
    Nhuộm trái tim hồng
    Chờ em mênh mông…

    Hãy tin vào bản thân mình nhé! Good luck!:)

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