[Heart Snippets] Congrats Class of 2011!

MHC Laurel Parade - Graduation, May 2009

Here’s to this year’s graduating class! Hope you girls are feeling all of the excitement, anxiety, “what the hell am I going to do with my life”-joys today…^^ I haven’t come to fathom the fact that the last time I were in those shoes was exactly two years ago, it’s indescribable, how quickly time flies. I miss Mount Holyoke, the girls, those long-ass, laugh and eat till you drop VSA cooking sessions, Bhangra!, the greenhouse, the lakes gleaming during the autumn days, M&Cs, the PVTA, Route 116, Ronaldo-the white goose, the libraryy!, Chef Jeff Cookies, the French department lounge, Mead Hall, swiping cards at Blanchard, Prospect’s awesome fried dough, even Shadley and its Main Moon freaking food-poisoning Chinese resto…too much to name, all this nostalgia suddenly building up….much love my dear Mohos!


3 thoughts on “[Heart Snippets] Congrats Class of 2011!

  1. Hihihih em dang take a break from school to focus on building wifey materials (read: self-indulging in cooking, reading recipes, etc). Em dang o cho chi. gai cua em o California, den thang 8 quay tro lai UMass de hoc tiep chi oi. My daddy watches your show too, he even forwarded a link about an article in which someone interviewed you chi hihihihi. Hope you’re enjoying life too!!!!

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