[Hanoi] April slaps me and tells me to live on

April is a bit breezy, with sun-streaks criss-crossing into peaking blooms of the ever rich aroma of hoa sữa, bouncing off the light rippled and flickering corners on the surface of Hoàn Kiếm…if it were only possible to glide along on a motorbike alone, hair in the wind, face well turned upwards taking in all of that ticklish warmth, running along your skin, and seeping the freshness of spring well inside of you. Hà Nội is the most beautiful I’ve seen it since I’ve been back. Or perhaps only in my deep contemplation of how much life sucks, does such simplicity become utter beauty …gosh that sounds like the BS stuff we used to squeeze our brains to get out in high school’s creative writing course.

But yes, in this month of April, when annually, through which I just glide either joyfully or apathetically, I find myself stumped on a big ball of mixed emotions, my mind taking strides from one extreme to the next, giving the rest of me less than enough time to react. Sounds like a case of bipolar disorder, but no, I just sum it up to be a really crappy month of work, of unfinished business, of blames and faults, of stress…of all these other blahs that need not be reiterated. And then all of the sudden, a ride outside has made all the difference – fresh air, faces that I don’t know, soft green blurs of sun rays spiking through canopies, and the blue sky…April is slapping me in the face and telling me to live on, cause there’s only 5 days left of its crap-ridden self. Need to get out more, that’s a def.


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