[Travel] Off to the land of flowers

Nope, not Keukenhof of Amsterdam but Da Lat right here in Vietnam. And I wish I were going to eat, sleep, and sniff lilies and orchids or what not but it’s for work. And it sucks because I’ll be alone..well technically with a lot of people, but none of whom I really know or care for. I’m looking forward to it nevertheless, since this will be my first time to Da Lat, score one more point for my year resolution of traveling more in the country. And, yes I regret now, 2 sentences later, but I take it back, as the work will actually be quite entertaining. More events to do with ASEAN of which Vietnam is chair this year, so quite an international crowd in an flower-filled destination with free transportation and accommodation, what more can a girl ask for?

Back in Hanoi, the weather was a nightmare today. Yes I’m turning into a meteorological blogger now, but really, it just ticks me off. Humidity seriously, invisible bag of stones on your whole body..I was fidgety the whole day…tropical low pressure what not, I feel your pressure, so with a please and thank you,  kindly take the weight off. I was definitely on the verge of cracking any moment today and then I did. The details are blurry now but you’d feel the same way. Having this horrible day of running back and forth, already under lots of pressure work and weather-wise as aforementioned, getting your flip flop ripped off by some indecent motor-biker, thereby leaving your bare feet in full contact with scorching hot concrete road and then not getting the help or support you’d like from the person you’d most expect it from…yeah you’d crack, or at least I did.

Will be back from Da Lat on Friday, hoping to spare some time between work for sight-seeing..Whatever the scenery, i know it’ll be cooler there, and thattt, my friend, makes life a whole lot easier. Toodles!


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