[Hanoi] Floods and Storms

Okay, so here goes the soliloquy again about why it has taken me 6 months to update my life onto my cyber lifeline…I’ll save you the boredom. Give me some credit though, I had shamefully lost the password to this account ( I know, slap me across the face for my irresponsibility and premature case of Alzheimer) and so it took me a bit of that 6 months to recover it.

What’s new you ask? well I’ll save you your next six months of reading and start with last week. If I were to write on this blog every other day, I’d rant about how I could never manage to have a sliver of energy or creativity after work to make anything here coherent. Work, despite it being quite awesome and overwhelming for a recent college grad like me, has reared its ugly head and left me with little to nil time to catch up with life beyond. And sooo, within this context, back to last week as I was saying, our bureau announced that we’d have like a one-day off outing for everybody. Obviously, everyone was ecstatic, to have a one day off, no more horrible TV station canteen food, no news updates, no cameras, none of the “it’s 11 pm, let’s watch the Monkey King while we wait for the video editor to function properly”. We’d be together not working but actually going out …this was a once in a year event, we were yes, quite thrilled …until that is, the morning of when it started pouring cats and dogs outside…Absolutely the “perfect” day to be going for an outing, “the heat won’t get us now”, as we ride out any doubt. Look at the enthusiasm in this photo, I’m the head of the dragon dance, mind you…no rain’s going to stop us now.

Of course, little did we know, we were totally underestimating the incompetence of the beloved capital city’s drainage system. Yes, after merely an hour, we were driving through, at some places knee-deep water. There was this tunnel, for example, that KOed quite a few engines with our van luckily having a high-enough belly….And can I just say that Vietnamese people are the perfect economic masterminds. It took no more than 15′ after the flood started before you could already see, out of nowhere, half-naked men in their boxers pushing food carts, yes food carts, through the water, zooming through like some speedboat. See, if Venice has those striped-shirt  men with their  gondolas, Hanoi has these guys and their foodcarts, offering you and your moped the safety of gliding across flooded terrains with the comfort and ease that it’d cost you just a small fee. I find it ingenious. I’d show you the video but I haven’t been successful in uploading it yet..later it is.

We took I believe 2 or 3 hours to get to the final destination, which was supposedly only 1 hour away..but we had a blast despite tattered hair and soaked clothes…The rest of the day be it quite awesome could not compare to our exciting misfortune earlier in the day.

And now don’t get me wrong about making floods seem all fun, it’s not, it’s just the irony of having gone with my colleagues for an outing on such a day. Now right after the trip, there were forecasts of another storm, a big one coming into Vietnam from the East Sea. And so obviously people were expecting the same turn of events…markets completely burned out on Saturday as forecasts promised that Conson would hit that night…but unfortunate for many in the Philippines, China and  the central coastal provinces, they took the hit for us, as the storm had weakened down to merely 2 showers, and random sunshine by the time it got inland to Hanoi. Prayers going out to those hit areas, especially in light of another forecast this morning of a tropical low pressure zone possibly turning into another storm tomorrow. The weather is definitely whacked out this year, with Hanoi starting out the Lunar New Year (which is yes, annually cold) in sweat and tears before peach blossoms prematurely blooming all over the place, and then the Red River and Mekong deltas experiencing drought of 100 years, and now a full-packed heads-on rainy season of floods and storms. And what’s this talk about global warming being unreal?


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