[Babbles] One of those days…

Today is one of those days I would like to claim as being shitty from dawn to dusk. I get a stomachache at 6 am, cutting short my another supposedly 3 hours of sleep on the one day I get to go to work late. The easy supposedly breezy working day turned out to be hell because of the freaking stomachache. I tried to be productive and well-coordinated so I decided to cook a huge dinner, overwhelmed myself and ended up burning three fingers, tension mounted due to constant unappreciative “silent” and finicky sources,  food turned out awful due to tension, had therefore a disastrous dinner….. I was counting on the night out to put an end to all this misery…Gave myself a quick shower, probably the only good thing about my day so far…put on a new set of clothes, called the person 20 gazillion times…found out the person had dropped the bomb on me. And yes, there it was, from the slight rebound of the shower, I plummet again into deep shitty-ness. Argggggghhhhh, this was a horrible, horrible day!

I apologize for the angry post, this is my only outlet right now./.


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