[Hanoi] I want a weekend…

I haven’t had one for about 3 weeks, and it’s just a tad bit annoying not being able to sleep in anymore due to the week-no-ends. My mom, on the other hand, thinks it’s a great way to get me into the habit of waking up early. Much to her disappointment, the continuous days of early rise and shine only leave any one free day to a complete sleep overdose where I am regularly seen, crazy hair and all, brushing my teeth at noon. Not a flattering scene, when you’re a college graduate, supposedly embarking on a more stable and calm life…But I, nevertheless, enjoy it….it’s very much different and yet very much the same to my life back in the Moho days…a complete control over the seemingly chaos that is my life.

I’ve also been eating the junkiest of food you can imagine…and very often so, but don’t take this as a complaint. I love that flexibility factor to my job, I basically munch on something every 2 hours…it’s just unfortunately true that those are not necessarily the best things to eat so irregularly. Like yesterday’s lunch for example, if you consider eating at 2:30 pm to be lunch (perhaps in Spain?), I had vermicelli with grilled pork, 2 ice creams, and a chocolate bar….and then at 4:00 pm , I had another bowl of cha’o trai (clam porridge, if you will) and a bowl of ta`o pho*’ (soy dessert). They’re not the healthiest of the bunch but they’re certainly mouth watering, and it’s the best part of working in Vietnam…there’s always full of culinary delights waiting for you at every corner, and I absolutely love it. It’s just this means i ought to think about finding a gym somewhere, or at least convince myself every morning to do at least 3 sit-ups…I’m always up for dance but am such a couch potato when it comes to actually exercising. I’m also getting sick and tired of rice…which supposedly would help me be healthier…but really every day, every meal? it’s becoming more and more to be just grains of complete blandness, even alongside more tasteful dishes. So much talk of eating, I have always leaned towards being a foodie…in fact, I’ll go act my part right now…Will take pictures of food soon!


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