[Hanoi] Alive and well….split

Photo from my trip to Munich (April 2008)

Yes, I am indeed. My posts may be precariously written at odd hours such as these but they are the breadcrumbs on the trail leading towards my existence for those who care.

8 more days is it? and I’ll have been back here for a complete half a year, 6 months of what I had originally envision for 6 years to be quite daunting. I guess I really never thought about how living in such different places for long periods of time could so distinctively shape me or divide me? I wish to think that it’s an amalgamation of characters that defines who I am right now, you know, someone very much Vietnamese, attuned to the habits and traditions of the culture here, yet completely aware of balancing that  knowledge with the Western life and thoughts that I have unconsciously and very much, naturally adopted. But I can’t help to think that it’s not always that positive…balance is harder than I had imagined, and I only find myself wondering about a case of split identity. What about the moments where what I think I should be [ you know the “when in rome, do as the romans do” scenario] and what I have learned to be [the typical “follow your dreams” lessons], what happens when these two clashes….?  Now this happens to me on a daily basis, and may I just give the answer in 3 words – “I get stuck” . I would hope it to be something like “follow your intuition”…but intuition is my identity, my identity is split, which road do I then take?




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