[Babbles] Tired

I’m feeling like a ping pong in my head again, thoughts being bashed from one extremity to the other. I just want everything to go well but is it that I’m not making an effort, or is it just naturally the way that people inherently don’t get along, and try as you may, you’ll always be different? I’m sick and tired of having to make everything so obvious, can’t it just be possible for once to be upset and have someone know exactly how to appease you, especially when you trust on that someone to know very well. Can’t it just be easy for someone to be sensible enough to to know what’s right from wrong to do towards the other without it being pointed out? The silence is disappointment from a denial to all of the above…a push to always express when it’s not necessary to bluntly spit everything out. I have my moments of silence that make no sense, I admit, but can’t I rely on you for once to understand what I’m thinking without me telling you..?


2 thoughts on “[Babbles] Tired

  1. Perhaps it is a matter of wavelength, perhaps a matter of desire. Trees don’t yield to the wind, both act in perfect preordained certainty. How often are there could haves that you may wish had been. How many could-have-beens became should-never-haves.

    Destiny has one meeting others that never were significant only to ward of significant others that were too slow to come by. Perhaps it is imperfection that governs destiny. Perhaps that’s why I am here responding to you, not hours, but months after you first babbled these words.

    Take care of your heart.

  2. Tiring, i knew. That is why love is the power to see similarities in the dissimilars. Not interest, nor will. Power. By choice beyond the very self.

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