[Babbles] Of objectives and snow…

Courtesy of Danny-Photobucket
Caution! Snow-eaters!

Yes it’s that time of the year again, the time where life is well balanced between the rustling of papers, the tapping of laptop keyboards, the tiny slurps of bitter expresso, and the occasional yawn or cracking of the muscles. It’s that time of the semester where it’s normal to see bags under sleepless eyes, shaggy pajama pants and 4-direction windblown hair. It’s these days where you witness a girl disappearing into the contours of the library only to see her appear 2 days later, eyes squinting to the long missed rays of sunshine. A bit elaborately described but never overly done, because FINALS are not overstated, they are simply an indescribable phenomenon at this school, too exhausted for words, and too stressed out for descriptions.

This year, my new resolution was to stay away from the library, seeing that with the amount of people who congregate there and insist on planting their habitat within, the place might as well be a risky microcosm of every possible flu viruses available out there. Tough luck! Better not than sorry, they always say. So I’ve gone elsewhere… trying to set the next 10 days into perspective a bit. I have just presentations and papers which is good and bad…the pros: I can procrastinate, the cons: that I do procrastinate. Exams, despite their nerve-wrecking nature, would just be easier for life…I mean, in, out, done, good or bad? it’s done. Papers….oh so there are 5 days left till the paper is due….4 days later: “darn, I should have started earlier”…! What luck

So yes, objectives are to be done by the 16th so that I can leave by the 18th: list of things to do:

– Final Presentation Senior Major Seminar-  Dec 8th

–  Final Paper French Seminar – turn in Dec 9th

– French presentation – Dec 10th

–  Buddhism response papers – turn in Dec 11th

– Draft 20-page Final Report for Senior Major Seminar – Dec 13th – Final – Dec 15th

– Draft 20-page Historical background for independent – Dec 12th – Final – Dec 16th

– Final 15- page Buddhism paper – turn in Dec 16th

– Buy a grill for Mom!

– Dinner and gift exchanging with friends on/off campus

– Packing! this will take a while.

The weather is not really helping me at this point. Yesterday there was real snow for the first time in the season, not counting that one sleet 2 weeks back. I had 2 layers of socks plus boots on but for some reason, my toes were still feeling numb after the walk back from dinner. I since then have retreated to the seemingly thin layer of my comforter to do homework. The wind is raging tonight and pressing its nose hard against my window that is unfortunately huge…I’ve pulled down the curtain, pressed toilet paper against all the opened edges I could find, but despite my window looking like a garbage shoot for disposed paper, the heat escapes while the cold still invades. Someone recently told me that they envied the coldness of where I live, because that someone only experiences one kind of tropical weather all the time…well just letting you know, someone, balance is more desired than extremities!

As always, this year’s first physical snowflakes have taken wonder to our gullible international first-years. They run out onto the green(now white),  awe in their eyes, excitement in the first taste of snow, frolicking mittens, earmuffs, and the occasional pom-poms on knitted hats. Meanwhile, along the frozen Lower Lake, swiftly walk the unrecognizable figures of international upper-class-men, bodies roundish in puffy colored coats, heads covered in never-ending twists and twirls of scarves, and hat. Only the eyes, more of “I’m freezing my butt off” than awe, are  visible, hence the swift, unrecognizable figures gliding in the mist of blurry snow.

On stories of first-years and snow, I can’t help but remember UJWAS – an organization introduced to me when I was a first-year by my Jamaican friend, a senior at the time. She told me of how she and her Jamaican friends, were so fascinated by snow that one day where the sky randomly decided to land 2 feet of it on Mount Holyoke campus. “We were estatic” she said, “then the 2 nd day came, we were thrilled, we snapped photos of ourselves with a Jamaican flag at the midpoint of a storm. Then the 3rd day, and we said, yeah maybe we’ll stay in today….the 4th and 5th  days came, we told snow: ‘it’s cool,you can go now’. Little did we know, snow came and stayed with us for an average of 5 months for each of the next 4 years…Instead of being fascinated, we founded UJWAS, our comfort zone to reminisce days of 98 F back in Jamaica”. So what does UJWAS stand for,  I asked. ” United Jamaican Women Against Snow, of course!”

Oh and beware first-years or not when you open up your mouth to get that first taste of snow! Reference the picture there…

On to the objectives now, wish me luck! love.


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