[Babbles] Heartstrings


Leaves from Sugarloaf trip

The lines on the palm of your hands lie not,

they lenghten and deepen through the years

Undercurrent of hope, dreams and long before dried tears

fears,you never seemed like the dauntless one

but heart took it on alone

fickle heart gave a subtle shove

knowing little to nil of the real face of love

and so love, of scorching passion, of desire, of heat and tension

of his and hers, of mutual compromises and hour-long negotiation

Reason, the lines on the palm of your hands lie not

Contradiction, between matters of fate and those of the heart

and so, mind’s been fiddling with your heartstrings

Passion is as quick to recoil as it springs

Confining, and so heart took it on again

Tracing palm lines as if they were heart veins

Suffocating, and so fickle heart gave another subtle shove

Knowing little to nil that this was the end to love.


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