[Inspiration] The first profession ever!



Fire – maker? Hunter-gatherer? It’s probably not what you have in mind… found this on a blog today:

‘A surgeon, an architect, and an economist were having lunch together.  They got into a debate about the primacy of their professions.  The surgeon argued, “In Genesis, God created Eve from Adam’s rib.  That required surgery, so clearly, my profession is the oldest in the world.”

The architect retorted, “Well, even before that, the Bible says that God made the entire universe, creating order out of chaos.  Surely God was an architect before He was a surgeon!”

That’s when the economist laughed, “Ha!–who do you think caused the chaos?”’

In other news,

–  Gas is now under $2.00, at $1.83, the cheapest I’ve witnessed in the valley!

– Currency comparison:

March 2008 (when I was starving myself out with peanut butter jelly sandwiches in France):  1 Euro = $1.79

Present (when I no longer must spend the former with only the resources of the latter): 1 Euro = $ 1.25

The luck! Blame it on Mrs.Chaos over there…


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