[Inspiration] Dogmania


Blue-eyed merle Aussie

Courtesy of Flicker member: eskimo_jo

If you’ve ever talked to me, been to my house or to my room, the detail of me being a doglover couldn’t be more apparent. Let’s just say this fanatism of mine has been growing disproportionately with the other aspects of my life, to the point of it being embarrassing…yet what’s a blog for if you can’t babble about things normally undiscussed in real-life conversation?

With which aspects of your life is this dog matter interfering, you may ask? Well, there is the minor detail of me being a senior and stuck in the interrogation office where basically everyone I know is awaiting the answer to “What are your future plans?” For 2 months into the semester and presently still going, I’ve been engaged in a job search, I’m happy to announce. The downside though is that most of the job offers for the field which I do intend on slaving away in isn’t until after another few months…and then considering my lack of motivation to munch on the gigantesse of work that is my life, my attention wanders off and is caught by none other than puppy pictures. The idea of graduating and the prospect of being able to have a dog then never seem so exciting. The 3 years of living as a diplomat’s kid, and then the 3.5 years of being in a residential school that accepts only pets that can still be alive 15′ after you submerged them in water (basically a fish, yeah interesting rule right?) have deducted my time spent with my dogs to merely on average 3 weeks a year over a span of nearly 7 years. Okay, so I’m bringing in logistics to support this dogmania of mine, but it’s for a good causeeee! Initially, I had an open mind about where I wanted to work, I really wouldn’t mind travelling, going to a country I’ve never been to before…life in a hut, or a cave for a year. I still don’t, yet while my options to what I want to do are wide-range, my desire to settle down has been lobbied by most of these doggie info I’ve been reading and seeing..Blame it on my TOSHIBA and its ability to access the den of all procrastination aka Google!

And so again how does this dog mania interfere with my life? it is threatening to take over my future, that’s all.  I’m dispensing money I would normally use for food on books about dogs…I’m working my schedule next semester around this one course called Fitness with Fido, which will allow me to walk with abandoned dogs at a shelter 2 hours each week….I’m researching adopting facilities, reading up whenever I procrastinate (which is a lot) about my favorite breeds…I’ve decided I want either a beagle or an Australian Shepherd (pictured)…C. and I have been talking about dogs for the past 3 days everytime we’re online….I went to the mall spending most of my time in the pet shop….This is getting out of hands. Perhaps it’s only a thing of this week, much like how DSLRs were a thing of that one week long before I got my Nikon. More than likely, 2 weeks from now, I won’t be compromising my reality of finding a future with my wanting to own a dog. Another fact of the matter is that I have much too much going on to be preoccupying myself this way..lol…but it’s fun :D. The way everything is going, I’ll be lucky to have a roof over my head, let alone for a dog too…but yes, it will very much still be open 😀 I trust on adopting services, and economizing my life for the sake of a puppy ! It’s also because I’m sick and home-sick that this dog frenzy has come about. Thanksgiving needs to come soon, so that finals could be over after that, so that I can go home after that, see my family, friends, C, and of course, Sparky and Nick!


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