[Travel] Better left unsaid

Apologies for 2 months of absence ? – better left unsaid, cause presence would have been the abnormality in my cyber-update trend anyhow.

The India trip, in its ups and downs of cultural shock and mad monkeys, was accented by what you may call ‘a series of unfortunate events’, which eventually cut it short and which again, I’m afraid to say, is better left untold. I suppose, though, turmoils and complaint-filled life had a charm of its own and so despite my bickering, I miss Delhi, my housemates of Faridabad and even possibly, the swinging tails of the cows in the nearby dump. Scratch that last thought, but the point was it was a such an uneventful life. Much so, that it left the daily living to recounting merely unimportant tales, and we’d giggle as if our boredom was the only funny living thing in the world. And that somehow made the weeks go by quicker, telling uneventful stories only to hear more uneventful gossip from people who unfortunately are in the same boat as you are – a boat floating on a sea so serene to the point that it is dull, a sea so windless to the point that the boat only bobbles endlessly at the same spot.

So the surprise of it all being cut off short left me missing the place and the people, where and with whom I spent my seemingly never-ending days. The thought of a revisit one day never seemed so dear to mind.

Days home so far? some weeks are better than others, but ‘better left unsaid’, so haughtily announced the blog entry meant for ‘saying’ and ‘telling’. Yet, there’s not too much of interest in telling uneventful stories to those who probably have better events to care for. Me, I have events which I should care for, but am still, unfortunately, in the uneventful twist of summer life :). Me, yeah, I’m weird.

In other news, I said something, yesterday, that should have been …yes, you get me…”better left unsaid”. I figure I’d never be so spontaneous again to just blurt it out , but there are some secrets which are better said by yourself…than be left unsaid, and later, told by another. Relieved to get it out, but now I’ve thrust the burden on my audience, I know that, and I can’t help but think- it was “better left unsaid”.

Yeah, I’m weird.


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