[Babbles] Gone as swiftly as it came…

I’m leaving tomorrow with her and another, but she told me this morning that she would not go. I can understand why she is shocked. I, without any recognition of this person, can feel it, let alone she who must sense the jolt more drastically than anyone can imagine. It makes me think a little, in retrospective of what has passed in the few months leading to today..my teacher, my friends, my acquaintances, those merely connected to me in their name, and their mention by a mutual link. Might they all be just a little pat on my back reminding me to keep my grip of life firm, to widen my eyes a bit and really look around at those who are essentially a part of me?

It’s mundane, you see, this world that has led us to take for granted our values and daily treasures and it’s brutal how sudden it snatches those heart-close gems away. I feel but dizziness from this fix axle of shock, around which the rough globe spins. It turns, this perfect sphere, in an uninterrupted rhythm, so dull and even, that what is precious becomes but daily blur…until one day, it spins in an unpredictable speed, halting out of the blue, revealing what is precious as but eternal dust.

My thoughts are with you, all the ‘you’s to whom my thoughts could possibly fly. Stay strong.


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