[France] A love-hate relationship

        Cartoon showing people going up on “Social Elevator”, and one guy who has been told he must take the stairs instead. “No! For you, it’s the stairs”. 
            Spain was wonderful yet being displaced constantly for a week made me miss France and believe-it-or-not, hearing french.  It was just soothing coming back to Nantes, having a language you actually understand flow through your ears, and settling down nicely in a place where you won’t get lost. Yet, I leave Spain and many-a fun and traumatizing stories for another post as I’m in an inexplicably agitated mood with the French system right now. As of Feb 26th, the French Consulate of Boston will guard Vietnam in the “delay list” alongside with other countries such as North Korea and Yemen for visa processing time…so as I had gotten mine done in just 3 days, now it takes a good 2 weeks.  Ticket bought, plans made, high expectations…and you had to change the law that exact day, not to mention ignoring sent emails, constant calls…and not posting this abruptness online until after you’ve received an unhappy Vietnamese, standing at your door frustrated over failed plans. So what is this sudden addition of certain developing countries like that of mine to this list of obvious discrimination, hence my attached cartoon? I do not know….Life is never fair, I guess, especially if you’re on the black list. Crossing my fingers.

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