[France] St.Valentin


        I didn’t think much of Valentine’s day this year, but considering the fact that I’m in a country renowned for being utterly romantic, and also because I was bored out of my mind last night, I wrapped over 60 palmiers (a french pastry), each attached to a heart, each containing a french cheesy love quote….to distribute amongst my host family, and people at IES. Voila, a product of my random moments of being artsy for my dear friends, to whom I couldn’t give in person…hope love was in the air for you today, no matter what kind. I leave you with one of the french quotes that sounds horribly cheesy and lame when you translate it…French makes everything sound classy, I suppose.

” Meme avec un miroir, je refuse de te partager” – Chairil Anwar

“Even with a mirror, I refuse to share you”

    Anwar must have been a pretty possessive lover….”Honey, I love you, but you’re not allowed to look at the mirror cause my temper will go off the roof due to jealousy”. Ahhh, enough for lameness, many a grammar exercises await me ….and yet I’m ever so distracted. Love!

One thought on “[France] St.Valentin

  1. it only sounds classy, but means…the same 😛 alors, tu me manques beaucoup ma cherie 😦 meme avec un miroir ou pom pom, je refure de te partager 😀

    heheheh :p

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