Me and the airports

        I brushed through the moments of farewell to avoid having to brush off the trapped and eager teardrops, then what seemed like thousands of suppressed thoughts and plenty of uneasy sleep later, I find myself moping around in this boutique-filled place, of people, and of tongue to which I am a complete stranger. A 12-hour layover is not helpful to any traveler, let alone one who is now becoming, by the hour, more and more homesick.

       Narita was an interesting airport for the first hour, after which my eyes became weary of all the details, the lights, the glamor…all too much for a sleep-deprived, jet-lagged me. I did the calculation and the complete time both flight and layover to Paris is 40 hours. A good opportunity to explore the airports, I convince myself. Hopefully, I won’t present myself in Nantes as a completely flight-battered, exhausted foreigner, who can’t possibly muster the least of joy for her first day in France. Wish me luck, I still have 6 hours in Tokyo…then 22 hours to Paris.

    Pardon the “flightless chicken”, it lightens my mind a bit to the wretched slowness of time here.  Love to home, love to you.


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