[Hanoi] Old faces, neon lights and New Year


          A bit too quickly, you have passed me by, yet who am I to question something which I have forced myself to avoid. I held in mind the expectation of you running off at the speed of light when I got off that dreadful plane to Home, to family, to my dear girls and guys. Nevertheless, having expectations never did promise acceptance of the expected and so, I find myself still dazed before the prospect of you being non-existent in 2 days, Time gone in a matter of hours…

       14 days, shivers of joy dawning at the edge of a noodle bowl, a pinch of your soft smile,…and light giggles from the girls senerading each moment. 14 days, blurred by neon lights flashing at late hours along a dusty, crowded road…crimson-faced, glasses meet, and smiles bloom to welcome the end of the countdown, the seemingly “start” and yet just a continuation, the one small pebble across which our stream still gently flows.;  same faces, same hearts…same neon lights blurring our eyes to the start and end of Time…there was a start, the end remains … you, me and the neon lights…

      Paris awaits eagerly, and yet Hanoi tugs me gently by the heart…


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