[Life Babbles] The light shines from the end of the tunnel


       I am happy to announce after a 2 hour-night sleep that finals are finally over. Despite my not-so-satisfying performance on the last french paper, I am just glad to have it off my list of worries and pains. Packing was a pain, spanning from 11 pm yesterday to 1pm this afternoon…yet I haven’t the slightest idea of where everything is and I can foresee next autumn’s unpacking day to be drowned in confusion like any other year. The worse was the trip to New York- 6 hours of sitting on the Peter Pan bus, plus a lot of “lugging”. The muddy snow sticking to the wheels of my baggage did not help the irritation I got from trying to juggle the weight of my life packed horrendously in the two suitcases. Meeting my friend on the bus, whose love for talk was more than mine for sleep, did not help the exhaustion I felt from trying to hold up the weight of my eyes brutalized mercilessly through two weeks of exams.

        Yet I am in New York now, me, Lanh and Hien, at chi Ha’s cozy apartment. I had never been so happy to see bread and condensed milk as the moment she handed it to us upon our arrival. McDonald’s certainly did not help the empty stomach in pain from the bitter New York night. Now I just need to get through the 24-hour- in- total flight time to come home, to see mom and dad and the whole family, to see the girls, the class, to spend time with C., to eat my heart out…to simply be home and happy for once. Good night…I finally sleep.


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