[Life Babbles] 9 days through hell to get to heaven

Classes are officially over and I remembered to spare a minute to sigh today in my turning in the final report for Giovanna. 25 pages in all including the appendixes that stole my sleep last week when I was complaining on and on about staying up until 5 am. Yes it’s still the same project. I have never been so consumed and overtaken by a school project. The final exam for the class (and you think it was all over) seems like a piece of cake compared to that humongous loaf.

Only 9 days left….tread through the horror of finals, plummet into the vastness of packing and moving out, fly my way through more than 20 hours of undesirable boredom on a transcontinental plane….and then I’ll finally be home. It seems almost like an eternity away but I’m trying to take finals as lightly and as studiously as I can. 3 more things to do and I should be done by the 17th…I’m forcing myself to, despite the hideous assignment that is the french dissertation. I’ll trudge through and hold dear to heart that my finals are not nearly as life consuming as those of many others.

Hoping to get some Vietnamese food with the girls tomorrow…food to destress, food for the soul…I just want some food other than the dorm hodgepodge of blandness. Bu’n rieu is on the hot list right now and then pho?….then, oh but I digress. Back to hell, *hemm* I mean politics now shall we…


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