On lack of sleep and agitation

Agitated a bit with the situation right now. I understand people who naturally possess a lack of consideration because it is in their norm to not perceive the need for it. But, the moment that ticks the most is when you do have a realization of the inevitability of the need for consideration, yet you simply shun to illicit it. The emotion that agitates a conscientous mind the most is the intentional indifference of another conscientous mind. Little are these acts of avoidance, yet hurtful is the mind betrayed by its own faith in lost consideration. Pain amounts to agitation, I guess. Petty and foolish, these thoughts of the mind, just like that faith of mine.

On another note, I went to sleep at 5 am this morning trying to finish the group project for Giovanna, only to know that it is still far from being finished. I still have 3 more days before the presentation so hopefully 4 heads will be more than 1 when the group meets tomorrow. The lack of sleep, though, have been hanging over my head the whole day today and probably might have a part or two in the agitated mood swings, yet the reason remains undiscussed.

The highlight of the day: the last bhangra get-together of the semester. The secret santa gifts were awesome, I received a huge card from Maggie for my gift. It was the sweetest thing ever, the pictures on which have helped me coped the past hours. I had not laughed so hard in so long thanks to those funny girls and the 3 hours of babbling songs (both english and hindi). Thanks girls, I’ll miss you a lot next semester. Can’t wait till our senior year reunion. To pink and blue bhangra costumes!

Now ….if I can’t alleviate this annoyance, might as well put some effort in reducing the lack of sleep.


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