[Life Babbles] Brainfreeze and the dreadful shadow of finals

        No, the weather is not helping me concentrate on studying for exams. On the contrary, it finds me moping every morning, cringing at the idea of having to peek outside the warmth of my down comforter, walking to the cold-tiled bathroom, eyes half-opened with chills running down my spine…It is a pain and makes me at times, no actually every morning, wonder why I insisted on going to a New England school. Naive is the 18 yr-old mind that haughtily said she “preferred cold weather” and “the heat of the south would be much too irritating for an intellectual mindset“. Perhaps the grass always seem greener on the other side, because right now Mr.Weatherman, I would just like it to be a tad less cold…you know skip the snow, refrain from spitting ice in my face , give a little meaning to the word sunshine and actually be above freezing for one day…not too big of a wish is it, but sadly in vain.

        It is nevertheless winter in MA and I unfortunately still soak in layers of clothes, trying to cram for the first final tomorrow. Rumor has it *winks* that I have way more things to do in the next two weeks than I can find time to implement them, and yes, I confirm the truth of those rumors. Hopefully, by the end of 2 weeks, you won’t hear rumors of a brainfreeze incident in Mass due to cold weather and high stress. How can I still afford to sit here and blog on about my lack of time? The truth is I can’t…Wish me warmth on the exams, I need more than just luck.


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