[Life Babbles] Dance, P and other loves in life

Yet another performance this week, and the last bhangra dance for me this year :(. I’m already starting to feel nostalgic but this will only make senior year all the more exciting for the team. Yale bhangra was here today and they actually complimented and tried to give us some advice at the end. Apparently, there is a constant change in mainstream bhangra style so we were a bit outdated and “long” on the choreography, according to the guy. Very constructive advice and hopefully, the team will be able to draw from it as he says he would email us. On another note, there was however a stage accident today. I find it completely absurd that we were dancing on a floor full of broken glass and apparently safety pins that found themselves in my toe within the first minute. I could hear my teeth gritting under my painful smile…and tried to maintain the energy. Some of the girls got hurt also. Thankfully,I don’t think anyone noticed and the 2-second change between songs saved me time to pull the sucker out. I have had the worse of luck with stages and the bunch of stage confetti that seems to love attacking my feet so much. Let’s just say I have shed my blood in Chapin more than twice. Stage-vulnerability, completely uncontrollable unfortunately.

Hopefully, I will find some sort of dance activity in Nantes (and have more luck with the stage..^_^ ). It is my only excuse for not going to the gym regularly. “Dance practice, 1 hour of bhangra, but that’s like 1 hour of working out right there”. C. begs to differ…we had a whole plan of gym every other day at the beginning of this semester. Motivation definitely mounted high, energy burning out of our sneakers, and sweat proving how hard we had worked out….and yeah, that lasted about 2 weeks. I would naturally say, schedule got in the way and school is obviously more important than feeling fit, however that would not be doing justice to my friend “procrastination” (P). If it wasn’t for P, I would actually “have to do my homework” and “have to go to the gym”. P has given me the chance to be sitting here and babble instead of having to finish the 24 journals due on Monday. So here’s to you P, and your effort in not forcing me to “have to live my life”. Ah the turmoils of college life, a mathematical impossibility : all work + some play = not nearly enough time to do half of each. Seems like the typical wish for any college kid, but if you could have more than 24 hours in a day, wouldn’t that make life so much easier. Even like 25 hours in a day. I mean an hour more means enormously a lot when you’ve just told P to leave the room so that you can actually concentrate on finishing that paper. Then again, the mind so easily registers new habits that soon enough, 25 hours will just seem like day to day and P will still feel like hanging around that last hour. No point in wishing, I guess. I should just enjoy my time with P cause comes senior year P and I won’t get that time any more….so sad 😐 I’ll miss you, P…though I doubt you’ll ever leave further than a mile of my attention.

Too busy with my occupation of P, I forgot to realize it is now December and yay, the first snow of the season just came about 2 minutes ago…Wear a ribbon for AIDS awareness day!


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