[Life Babbles] Plenty of petals shed

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The notion that I had ever set up a blog at wordpress completely escaped me for the past year minus 1 day. I have been keeping a separate blog on yahoo, which I hardly ever visit, and now when I have found the need to have an actual professional-looking blog, I am amazed to find the small little entry of my one-day stress babbles 2 semesters ago.

Needless to articulate, there have been too much that have passed, I’d have to type at the speed of light to catch up. It is now near the end of 1st semester 3rd year, and I am happy to announce that the annoyance of whatever drama I was ranting on about has dispersed. Yet only to be replaced by other forms of stress in these coming weeks. Finals always seem to be dragging me and probably most girls here would agreed, by the hair… I mean that literally, as in 2 weeks, by the end of finals, I will most certainly be in messed up clothes with messed up hair, but I will have been done and hopefully content with the ending of this semester’s boring courses.

Thanksgiving break and all the wonderful sleep till noon days are kicking me in the butt right now…catch up has never been so bittersweet. I did however get my visa, finally after a year of distress and tedious forms, a 4 hour backnforth trip to the deserted consulate and a week after-math of fever to boot, I seem to go along well with bittersweet endings. I’m excited to finally be certain to say that I’m going and I’m anxious about my short trip back home….but first, I need to get through finals….need to fight the bitterness, 20 days counting to sweetness.


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